EON takes the pain out of mortgage shopping.

Shopping for a new home or planning a home upgrade is fun and filled with excitement. Shopping for a mortgage or refi to finance those life changes is often a chore, one filled with paperwork and anxiety. 

We get it. Your EON mortgage professionals are more than experts: we are your guides, available at every step of the process to answer questions and help.

How We Work

We start with your goals – a new primary residence, a new addition to your house, consolidating your debt, finding a good investment property – and a review of your current financial situation. We can quickly advise you on your financing options, matching your resources and goals to the best type of loan. We then contact multiple lenders to find the absolute best rates and terms available for you.

We don’t stop there. EON will guide you through the underwriting process all the way through closing. And we stay with you after the close to make sure you are happy with the program.

EON has a handy tool for you: an online dashboard that shows you the current status of your loan. And EON will periodically send you information on trends and developments in mortgage lending so you can take advantage of any changes in interest rates or terms.

Our personal commitment

EON mortgage brokers believe in the goal of home ownership and profitable real estate investments. We commit ourselves to providing you with fast, efficient and friendly service and clear and transparent communications.